Episode 247

Prayer 2021 - September 6 - Our Rights Under Prayer pt 2

Scripture For Today:

2 Kings 9:15

“And Hezekiah prayed to the Lord: “Lord, the God of Israel, enthroned between the cherubim, you alone are God over all the kingdoms of the earth. You have made heaven and earth.”

Our Rights Under Prayer pt 2

Last time we began a new series on Prayer.  We are going to be going indepth on our study in prayer…I want you to be able, when you finish this study, to take the devil “head on” in any attacks he initiates – and know, without any shadow of a doubt, that you are going to kick his rear end so hard he will have to take the 1000 year incarceration just to recover!  AMEN?!

In Luke 18:1 – we see we are to pray “always”…and that we should “always be praying.”  That does not mean 24 hours a day….it means we need to be in a constant state of prayer…anything that is not lining up with the Word of God, we speak the Word of God over it….be it a parking place at the mall or somebody cutting us off on the highway or short changing us at the bank….don’t get mad!!! Just declare the Word of the Lord over the situation and thank Him that He is working it all out!  AMEN!

From the point in time that you make Jesus your Lord and Savior, and you pray the prayer of repentance, Jesus treats you just like you have never sinned.  That opens you up to all other avenues of prayer and you qualify for answers and deliverance based upon those prayers.

But you have to speak Words of Faith…you do not start off by claiming and telling Jesus how wrongfully you are being treated…how unfair people are being to you…you don’t start off by bad mouthing other people (and especially other Christians!)….if they are treating you bad…SO WHAT!   Don’t try to “get even” or anything like that…”Vengance is MINE saith the Lord!  And I will repay!”  What He is saying is He will take care of you and He will take care of jerking the slack out of the other persons chain as well.  He will try to use what they did to you to get their attention and get them saved!  

Wouldn’t it be nice to know, down the road, if that person came up to you, apologized and gave you a testimony about “how bad they felt…and through that, when you did not retaliate the way they were expecting…they wanted to know “why”?  And they ended up finding the Lord, repenting, receiving forgiveness and now they are asking you to forgive them, too?!  Wouldn’t that be a lot better than you taking matters into your own hands, maybe making things worse, getting into trouble with the law or something…and the person NEVER got saved?  And when you get Heaven, you get talked to by Jesus!!!  So, role the care of it over on Him, Amen?

You have to start where you are at.   You might be in Jail…you might be homeless, in debt, sick, body ravaged by disease…wherever and whatever you find yourself in right now…START THERE!  Don’t say, “well, when I get this fixed, I will start to serve the Lord and spend time in prayer, etc.”   The devil will make sure you NEVER have the opportunity to start that…you have MAKE the time to do it…MAKE the time to Praise Him NOW, while you are going through stuff….that is where He receives the Praise…and it is how YOU receive the Power from on High!!!

Once you find out who you are in Christ Jesus – you will suddenly realize – YOU ARE FREE!!!  Free from debt…free from bondage…free from sickness…free from disease…free from persecution…free from whatever has been holding you back!

You might be in business for yourself right now…and the recession  and COVID is just ravaging your business…you can’t find two dimes to rub together…you might be in debt right now…so far behind on your bills that the bill collectors have stopped calling you…(that does not mean you don’t try to pay your bills…it is an example that I am using that says they have given up trying to “get” you to pay….)… in all of these situations, it means you are IN bondage.

But, if you learn to pray and you learn who you are in Christ – you will be FREE!

The ONLY situation from which you cannot be delivered is the one where you REFUSE to PRAY.  The only SIN, that will guarantee you a reservation in hell is the one where you REFUSE to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior.  If you refuse to accept what He has already accomplished for you…then that means you are telling Him…and you are telling God…that you do not need their help – you can handle this life…you do not need their help…you got this…and when it comes time for you to stand before the judgment seat of Christ….you will then ask for Mercy…but it will be too late…you will be replayed all of the opportunities you had to accept Jesus as your Lord, but refused (including this broadcast!)…and then… well, we don’t want to go there.

God’s Word is available to “Whosoever Will” receive it…Acts 2:21.  Whosoever, that’s YOU…that’s ME…and that is every person whosoever will believe!  God’s Word is available to whosoever…whosoever will take HIS WORD as the FINAL AUTHORITY in life or in any given situation…and if that person will “lift” His Word back to Him in prayer and praise…it will work (you have God’s Word on it!).

You have to realize that satan IS the problem…not God.  Not other people…not your boss…not your banker…not your husband or your wife…the DEVIL is the problem…deal with him!  And God is the ANSWER!!! Use the Word of God (the Answer) to deal with the Problem (the devil)….and you are guaranteed to WIN – every time!  Amen?!

Let’s Pray! 

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