Episode 183

Prayer 2021 - July 4 - The Curse Upon This Nation pt 2

Scripture For Today:


1 Samuel 8:6


“But when they said, “Give us a king to lead us,” this displeased Samuel, so he prayed to the Lord.”

The Curse Upon This Nation pt 2

Independence Day!  The 4th of July!  Fireworks! BBQ’s and gatherings of family and friends! A national holiday to celebrate the publication of the Declaration of Independence!

From the initial writing of the Declaration of Independence through the writing of the Constitution; from the writing of the State Constitutions and through legal decisions issued by the Supreme Court – our Judeo-Christian heritage was always referenced in some form or fashion.

This  nation was founded on the Bible. There is no other way around it. 

Racists, Black Lives Matter, Socialist politicians – all of them – cannot prove otherwise. 

And, the funny thing is, their protests which they claim is their “Constitutional right” to conduct and all that they say, is truly protected by the very documents they claim are illegitimate. They stand on the rights contained in their First Amendment and others to be able to protest against everything this nation is doing.

Their logic is so illogical, it’s downright funny.  

They say they want to abolish the police, the military, etc. If that happened, who would they call when home grown law enforcement (i.e. militia’s) would rise up to replace the vacuum created by their “defund the police” tactics?  

In many of these major liberal metropolitan cities, last years “Defund the Police” antics has backfired tremendously – and humorously – in their faces!  Crime rates have soared tremendously.  Now, they are trying to reverse those decisions and reinstate police funding.

The problem is, many seasoned officers have decided to retire. They’ve seen enough of their communist antics and want no part of it. Officers are leaving at a rate that has never been seen before.

That means officers that have been on the force for only a few years are now being promoted faster into supervisory positions over new officers, when neither has the cushion of experience to help them in their new roles. 

Even if the departments doubled their recruiting efforts, new recruits take almost a year before they go from applicant to on the street!  And, since budgets have been slashed by this childish behavior, and since crime is increasing and now, NOW these socialist children in charge are worried it is making them “look bad,” they are demanding the police do something about it. So, that means overtime for the cops that are left. That money comes from somewhere – and it is very often coming from the training resources. Which means no recruiting classes in some cities.

These liberal idiots are so filled with hatred and are definitely are demon possessed, that they have lost all sense of civility and moral compasses. They are incapable of understanding anything the Bible has to say about “love your neighbor as yourself.”  

In fact, they interpret that to mean, sleeping around is Ok. Homosexuality is OK. Child sexual abuse is OK. Transgenderism is OK. They believe if today you’re a girl and tomorrow you want to be a boy, that’s OK. They don’t believe God is perfect and they don’t believe God created you to be a girl, and if you want to be a boy, that is right to do so – because, obviously, God has no clue what is going on. It’s His fault you’re all screwed up.

Notice it is never THEIR FAULT in anything. Ever!

Well, as we read yesterday, when I see all of these childish idiots proclaiming that the 4th of July just represents white oppression and all of that, I also notice they are taking the day off work. They are buying things for the BBQ. They are blessed because this nation has been blessed.

If they tried any of their stupid antics in, say China – how far do you think they would get? What about Russia?  I mean, come on!  They want Communism and Socialism, let’s go to the major players. Surely they would be able to point out the benefits of protests and things like that from the history of those nations. The prosperity and happiness the residents of those nations are enjoying, right?

No. It is only here, in America, where we even let immature, illogical, raving lunatics, the opportunity to run the streets and proclaim that “America is such a terrible place.”  If they tried that in any other nation, they would never be heard from again.

But, as I get ready to close this day, I do not want to mislead you in anyway. This nation WAS BLESSED by God. But that hedge of protection called the blessing is being removed. In fact, a major portion of it has already been removed.

That is one of the reasons we see all of these problems occurring – simultaneously – all over this land.

There is only ONE cure for all of this – and it is about to happen.  It is called, “The Soon Return of Jesus.”  Praise God! 

When this occurs, as the Bible says, they will all gather together to fight against Him.  And you can see small examples of that today. Everywhere Donald Trump goes to speak, there are those protesting his right to do so, often resorting to violence. 

What do you think it will be like when Jesus returns with tens of thousands of His saints (which, by the way is US as we will have been raptured prior to this day, known as “The Day of the Lord”).  Oh, Praise God!  What a glorious day that will be!

With just ONE WORD spoken from the lips of Jesus – ALL of these people will be destroyed in an instant. It happens so fast, the blood flows up to the bridles of horses!  That is a lot of people killed in an instant of time.

And who will those people be?  The very same ones you see right now, protesting everything, committing crimes and just hating everything this nation was founded upon, which is the Judeo- Christian standards as outlined in the Bible and the acknowledgment that JESUS IS LORD over us, over the United States and over the World.

That is a day I am looking forward to.  I’m actually looking forward to a day in the not so distant future, when Jesus comes to take us out of this crazy world that we live in today – as all of the demon possessed socialist idiots continue to get worse and worse. 


Let’s Pray!

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